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I teach at both Bachelors and Masters level on our Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology in Organisations, and Web Science courses, and am a recipient of the Vice-Chanceller’s Teaching Award for my undergraduate teaching. I have also designed and delivered MOOCs on the FutureLearn platform with cohort sizes of upwards of 12,000 registered students, and have worked with Wolearn to deliver mini-courses and video lectures to students in Beijing Normal University in China.

University Teaching

I lead three different undergraduate and postgraduate courses:

Programming 1

In this first year module we develop student’s skills in Java and explore the fundamentals of programming. The course is self-streamed, allowing students to choose the activities that match their existing skills and best support their development as programmers.

First year undergraduates. Cohort size is typically 250+.

Many of the slides used for this course are publicly available on Southampton’s EdShare site.


Games Design and Development

This module introduces students to the fundamentals of game design and interactive narrative. Students take part in three game development sprints, each focused around a particular aspect of games design and each culminating in a student games expo.

Third year undergraduates. Cohort size is typically 60.

Many of the slides used for the course are publicly available on Southampton’s Edshare site.

In addition the Let’s Play videos of our assessment of student’s work can be found on YouTube.

Science of Online Social Networks

In this module we take a technological and social science look at Social Media technology. Throughout the course students develop a social media idea on a group portfolio blog. These are then pitched at a Dragon’s Den event at the end of the course.

Postgraduates. Cohort size is typically 40.

Most of the resources for the course are publicly available on EdShare.

Dissertations and Projects

I supervise between six and ten individual Bachelors and Masters dissertation projects each year. These are done under four separate University modules:

I typically supervise projects in the areas of Games, Interactive Narrative, and Social Media Analytics.


FutureLearn MOOCs

I have helped to create and run three MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) on the FutureLearn platform, of which the University of Southampton is a founding partner. You can read more about my first experiences of working with MOOCs here. Currently two of these courses are available:

Previous University Modules

I have also taught a number of other modules that are no longer running.

Interactive Multimedia Systems

In this third year CS module we explore a range of cutting edge Multimedia technologies and systems, covering topics such as games and interactive fiction, virtual worlds, augmented and mixed reality, emerging display technology (3D, holographic, digital paper) and novel interfaces (touch, gesture and haptic). The course takes the shape of a student organised conference, with the students forming their own committee and arranging the details of the day themselves. Each student prepares a paper on a IMS topic of their choosing, and through a review and revision process they collectively decide who gets to present their work on the day, and who gets to participate on panels or via posters.

Most of the materials we provide give guidance on writing academic papers and running an academic conference, many of them are publicly available on EdShare.

You can also take a look at some of the papers on the conference websites (20122011, 2010, 2009, 2006, 2004, 2003, 2002).

Systems Design

This module introduces students to a variety of modelling techniques for the design of complex systems. In addition to classroom sessions they also undertake a group activity and work with a real business to apply the techniques covered in the course.

First year undergraduates. Cohort size is typically 25+.

Some of the slides used for the course are publicly available on Southampton’s EdShare site.