The Sound of Disturbed

You may have unwittingly heard it in the background of the latest Gears of War trailer, but its worth drawing your attention to this fine version of Simon and Garfunkel’s The Sound of Silence as performed by Disturbed. It’s not without its critics, who point out its all a bit Dad Rock, and not as […]

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Tales of Tiree

In March I travelled up to the Scottish Island of Tiree with my StoryPlaces partner-in-crime Charlie Hargood in order to take part in the 11th Tiree Tech Wave organised by Alan Dix. The Tech Wave is a creative space where people can come together to talk interesting ideas and make cool things. I’ve known Alan for a […]

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In the last few weeks Mark Bernstein, a leading light in digital culture, and an established figure in the hypertext and web community has posted a sequence of articles (Infamous, Careless, Thoughtless, Reckless and most recently Caring) on #Gamergate and that movement’s use of Wikipedia. Particularly the proposal by the Arbitration Committee to ban key editors who were taking issue with Gamergater’s actions, […]

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Chuck Vs The Boxsets

I just watched Chuck. All 91 episodes of it. There is something about this five season spy spoof that really worked for me. Without a doubt it’s my favorite TV show since I watched Buffy some fifteen years ago. You can like a TV show for all sorts of reasons, but loving a TV show […]

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European Community

You Kippers

Imagine if you will a super-national organisation dedicated to peace. It’s population is over half a billion, and it has the largest GDP on Earth (some 16.6 trillion US dollars). It is a fiercely progressive place, with universal suffrage, laws to foster equality for women, protection for children, rights for homosexuals, and none – absolutely […]

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Brutal Engineering

Over the last few months I have been co-organising a workshop for this year’s Web Science Conference on interdisciplinary; the aim is to collect together interdisciplinary experiences (from Coups and Calamities) and reflect on some of the disciplinary differences that make Web Science research so interesting. It has caused me to pause and reflect a […]

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